Ivette Dixon, Smitten Designs Studio LLC is the owner of several common law and registered trademarks for the Michigan shaped like a heart with the upper peninsula across the center of the heart and is the owner of the federally registered trademark rights in this mark in association with hats, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweat shirts, pants, shorts, underwear, tank tops, jewelry, and retail store services. The below are links to Smitten Designs, LLC’s trademark registrations with the United States Patent and Trademark Office:


Image Trademark with Serial Number 86147785


Status: 700 - Registered under USPTO

Image for trademark with serial number 86147785

This mark is also trademarked under the department of licensing and regulatory affairs in the State of Michigan  #M13086

 My locket designs are also copyrighted with the United States Government Copyright Office


The Smitten and Designs are protected REGISTERED Trademarks with the United States Patent Trademark Office and the dept of licensing in the State of Michigan

Any attempt to duplicate or infringe upon the REGISTERED Trademark rights of Smitten Designs will be prosecuted to the fullest extent in the Court of Law.

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