Product Care & Info

We, at Smitten by The Mitten State, take great pride in our commitment to providing excellent customer service.


We want you to be "Smitten" with your Design.


If there is a defect in the locket or any jewelry due to craftsmanship, we will replace the locket or jewelry at no cost. If glass breaks on the locket or bail breaks from use we will replace at a $15 charge. You are responsible for all shipping and handling fees. 

The lockets are made of glass and stainless steel, and come in three sizes;

mini lockets  20mm; medium lockets 25mm; large lockets 30mm


All designs are individually hand crafted, please allow 7-12 business days

for jewelry to ship



Custom Order Inquiry
       I am happy to work with you and help make a custom design for you ! Please email me at
or call us at 231-497-6488